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Hi! I’m Anthony. I’m a bestselling Udemy instructor with over half a million (500,000!) students enrolled on my courses.
I am a Udemy Instructor Partner, with an average course rating of over 4.6.
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English Grammar Launch

For pre-intermediate and intermediate level learners. Master grammar through my specially-developed system: Learn, Note, Speak, Listen

Perfect English Pronunciation: British English

Master each sound in English in this British English pronunciation course. Take your accent to the next level and speak with eloquence and precision.

English Launch: Learn English for Free

For all levels. This is a free taster course which includes modules from all of my paid courses. Try this course first if you are unsure where to start.

English Conversation Launch

If you want to learn more about the casual English used in everyday conversations, this is the course for you.

English Grammar Launch Advanced

For upper-intermediate and advanced level learners. Master advanced grammar through my specially-developed system: Learn, Note, Speak, Listen

English Idioms Launch

Not many learners of English master idioms. Become one of the few to truly master English idioms and use them in your speaking and writing.

English Vocabulary Launch

Master the building blocks of English: Vocabulary. For this course, I have selected useful words that most English learners won’t have learned, but that native speakers use regularly.

English Speaking Patterns Mastery

In this course you will master patterns that native speakers use regularly in English. These patterns will instantly make you sound more fluent.

English Phrasal Verbs Launch

Master lots of phrasal verbs at a deep level so that you can sound more natural and fluent when you speak English.